The Third Eye Conspiracy(Update)


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I’ve updated The Third Eye Conspiracy with Chapter 4, and rewritten chapter 3 too. You can find the free PDF By Clicking This Link. Here is an except from Chapter 4:

“I see the earth as a conscious being, and each one of us an intricately
linked part of her, like blood cells in a person, we all inter-connect more
than we can imagine with each other, and nature too. From the bees to the
dolphins, deer, tigers to people, trees and flowers and the chemicals in the
air along with the electro-magnetic fields and radio waves we cant see, we
are all connected and we would die without each other. We are not
individuals, we are one being, which is called Gaia, or Mother Earth.”

I’ve also updated the research section of the site with some videos and links including stuff about MK-Ultra (A mind control operation I touch on in the book), Psychedelica, Schizophrenia, and the Sacred Secretion Jim Carey has spoken about. Check it out below:

Third Eye Research – Page 5 (Update)

Happy researching,


-Scribbling Willy

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