‘Vibrational Flow’


Im back with another Termite Worldwide Cypher Jam video!! I went for some double time flows here , really pushing my skills to the limit and despite it being a bit sloppy in places, Ive done this in one evening so its all good… Its all about experimentation! If you like what you hear, or think it could be better even, drop a comment below and let me know if I should incorporate the fast flows more often into my style.

Theres some uncertainty about the Jam now. Steemit, the Crypto-Currency website on the Blockchain that we use to jam on, is going to shit. The owners are withdrawing all their money and were not making much money at all on our vids on there as creators on the platform. So its time for a change. We might go to another Crypto site called Whaleshares, or Reddit. Maybe even bring the jam to an end. We dont know yet, but if you have any thoughts, let us know.


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