Turfs Making me Famous!

I hope the fortune comes with the fame, one would be shite without the other! haha

I was contacted by a journalist from a local paper today for an interview, they said they heard my song on Today FM! I was not aware of it even being played! So I answered a few questions and then I searched to see when Today FM played my song, if I could find out. I came across an article on their website, about me! haha

Check it out below:

>>>> Willy G on Today FM <<<<<

I am happy to report, Turf has made me Famous! Haha, and it looks like I have a fan in Today FM, who I must thank for such a great article! Im delighted to be featured on the Channel and I hope this is the start of something great!

I wrote a wee article myself about the whole thing for Steemit, you can catch it below :

Willy G’s Steemit Article

Stay tuned here for more updates on the situation, and keep your eyes on the papers, you may see me in there, talking about Turf! Haha

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-Willy G 

Willy G Makes it Cool to Love Turf

Local Farming Enthusiast turned Rapper Willy G gives Turf a cool new look with his passionate rap about Footing it, Burning it, and working till it hurts for the Turf! I caught up with him today to ask a few questions about his love for the fossil fuel….

I asked him what first got him into the Turf business. He claimed it was ‘ A passion’ of his and that if it wasnt for farmers like him ‘cuttin and footin’ the Turf, everyone would be ‘Pure freezin’ in these cold winter days. He had this to say:

‘I was introduced to Turf as a young lad, when the uncles would take me up the hill to work till dusk standing these turf up together in wee teepee like structures. Then wed go back again and bag the dried turf up, and fill them inte the aul tractor trailer. I would usually sit on top of the pile of turf on the way home, having a birds eye view of the countryside from a height.’

Things took a turn for the worst the day he was in the tractor though:

‘We were flyin down the hill at a wile speed, in the aul dexta tractor wey no brakes. There was a brick for a break, you had to put it on top of the brake to stop it but it got jammed in underneath the thing, so we couldnt stop. I remember my uncle screaming at me to ‘Move the f*ckin brick!!!’ but i was frozen with terror , thinking we were gonney die. I somehow managed to move the brick if I remember correctly, but flyin down the’un hill at a break neck speed wey a load a turf on the back was some handlin. ‘

He warned about the dangers of the hill as we spoke more:

‘Ye needy be careful and watch for the aul klegs. not tey mention the midgeys. Ye be scratchin flat out, yed nearly scratch ur skin off thered be such a pile a midgeys but the klegs are another story. Everytime ye look theres wan stuck tey your arm, and their blood suckin wee bastards so they are, ye need a bug spray tey cover yerself from head tey toe or youll be attacked regularly by these wee huirs.’

He told us how he had quit the Turf game for a shot at the bigtime with the Rap Game instead.

‘I was honestly sick a bein an unknown farmer from Donegal.I always had a passion for rap, since I heard 50 Cents ‘Get Rich or Die Tryin’, but the only wans hearin me rhymes were the cattle I was heardin. I wasnt makin much money from the farmin either, just enough to keep me afloat so I decided to start puttin out music to increase the income. All I know is farmin, so its only natural I rap about it , ye know! ‘

When asked what his future plans were, he had this to say:

‘Im plannin on makin farmin cool again, ye know. Show the young wans theres a hip side tey cuttin siliage and sprayin fertilizer, maybe get the youth inte it. Theres plenty a room in the mart for young wans tey be buyin heifers and the like. Young fellas an lasses, if ye dunno where tey be startin, get in the farmin.’

He concluded by giving us a glimpse of his album, including the hits, ‘Turf’, and ‘Suckin the Hind Tit’, for which he is working on a self-directed video. Keep an eye out for Willy G Merchandise, including Hip Hop Wellies and Custom Willy G Massey Ferguson Gold Rims coming soon to the WillyG Music website.