Who’s Killing It?(Hopsin, King Los, Royce)

I just heard this new tune called Everybodys a Bitch and it knocks!!

It features Hopsin, King Los and Royce da 59.


Hopsin really switched up his flow big-time, and I didn’t even realize it was him at first. King Los kills it, Ive only ever heard him on a freestyle on some radio show but it was fire, and now this. He is definitely a talented MC! Royce da 59 absolutely kills it with a long assed verse! Packed with dopeness, he seems to be speaking on the Joe Budden situation which Eminem mentioned on the Chloraseptic Remix.

I dont know exactly whats going on there, but Bizarre from D-12 was on YouTube chatting about Joe Budden recently, so something might happen.


Another MC whos killing it right now is Mad Squablz with this bar fight, Ive actually included a playlist of his stuff so you can see how talented this MC is.


Thats whats happenin! Thank for reading!

-Willy. G





Who’s Killing It?

Eminem just bodied this Chloraseptic Remix with this sick ass verse here. The remix features 2 Chains though which Im not too keen on , and Phresher too but I just brought you the Em verse.


He proves he can go full mental with the flows still, while still switching it up to loads of different flows and cadences. This remix really impressed me. Hope you enjoy it too!