Who’s Killing It?

Whats in my playlist right now? I just got on Spotify, you should try it out (its free) and it has all the music on there you can think of. I highly recommend it! I’ve been bumping Horse Shoe Gangs new shit Dope Lyrics Matter, Eminem’s new album Revival, and Kxng Crookeds sequel to his last shit Good Vs Evil II.

Horse Shoe Gang are back with some killer shit! They’ve dropped a remix of Eminems Till I Collapse tune on You Tube, and also dropped a single off Dope Lyrics Matter called Ain’t No Excuses.

The Album itself is pretty fuckin decent, the intro had me thinkin they went trap! Youll know when you hear it. Its currently on Spotify and thats where I heard it the day it dropped. The album is broken up into 3 chapters. The Radio Chapter, the Mixtape Chapter and the Real Talk Chapter. Its definitely worth a listen if you enjoy lyricism and ill doubletime flows.

Im a big Eminem fan since I was a kid, so I had to check out Revival. It was disappointing at first, but the more I listened , the more it grew on me. I have to say now its also pretty decent indeed. I even played it in the car and it had my mum laughin, she really enjoyed it too. My favourite songs are probably Believe, In your Head, Offended and Framed.

Finally, Kxng Crookeds second installment of Good Vs Evil, GVS II: The Red Empire is pure fire, as you can always expect from this west coast legend. I have been too pre-occupied with recording and mixing my new Overcome project to get a proper listen to this one, only had one listen but it sounded pretty dope to me!