Willy G’s Who’s Killing It?

Welcome back to Who’s Killing It? Ive been scouring the internet for dope hip hop all week, and I have found a good bit of it that you have got to hear!

These two lads are from England, they recently did a show here in Ireland, well, in Northern Ireland. They played a local festival that a few of my mates went to. One of them shared this video the next day, I checked it out and was astounded by the rhymes! Multi-syllabic flow is my favourite kind, and these rhymes are ill as fuck. Check out Travel the Globe by Phili’N’Dotz below:


The rhymes are clever, with that distinct Underground British Hip Hop feel to them, and they really take you across the globe with the song. I hope they keep pumping out quality like this, because its what I like to hear.

Next up, is Logic. This song is one of the best I have ever heard on an emotional level. I have friends that have fallen victim to suicide, and suicidal thoughts, and just hearing that first hook really hit me hard. Its the first time Ive ever heard someone rap straight up about wanting to die. It got me thinking of all those people out there who can relate, and this song hitting them like it hit me.



The title of the song is the American Suicide hotline, and calls to it skyrocketed after the release of this song. I am really moved by this tune, its about time someone started speaking up about mental health in hip hop. The awareness this will raise and the impact it will have on being able to talk about problems like this with friends, family and Doctors for those people out there suffering is really important.

Lastly, is Reverie. She is a Female MC from America, I just recently found her stuff from the collaborations she did with Shay D, who we saw in the last edition of Who’s Killing It? Reverie is a real MC, just doing her thing, she is really nice with the rhymes and has her own unique style which I really enjoy. She is definitely killing it on this tune with Killah Priest and Kurupt! Check out Moonrockin below:


She really kills it with ill rhymes in this one, shining beside Kurupt and Killah Priest like it was nothing, holding her own and keeping things real. Respect to Reverie for keeping us entertained!

Thats it for this edition of Who’s Killing It? Ill be back soon with a new one, until then, keep her lit. Peace!

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