Willy G’s Who’s Killing It?(Female Edition)

Welcome to another instalment of Whos Killing It? Today we will take a look at a few of the best Female MCs in the game who are spitting ill.

First up has to be Nicki Minaj. She is the ruler of all the female MCs, shes quoted as saying ‘These bitches are my sons’, She has been killing it for years now, she started off with a street sound while she was putting out mixtapes in New York, but it developed into a more poppy sound as she blew up, with songs like Starships and Pound the Alarm. I cant remember where I first heard of her, but I have been following her career now for a good while. She has the skills and never disappoints to bring the fire with her style. Heres one of my favourite songs of hers below, Up in Flames:


Im sure youve all heard of Nicki Minaj before like, but she has to be mentioned as one of the best. Lines like ‘Pull my dick out incase you bitches get a slit throat’ keeps me listening.

Next up is an MC a friend of mine has told me about, Angel Haze. She is a very dope MC and she has undeniable skills, she delves into deep personal topics and keeps it real, its inspirational. In this song she touches on some stuff she has been through and how she survived, its a very brave thing to do and will help a lot of people out there in the same situation. Heres Battle Cry:


She is someone Ive only started to listen to recently, but I am enjoying everything she has put out so far. She has an ability to rap about real shit and make you feel it, which I like.

Lastly is an MC I literally just found yesterday. I was blown away by the first song I heard, Get Money. I immediately listened to all of her stuff I could find and she is really good, Hailing from the UK, she is underground and is a great example of the gems you can find amongst all the rap out there, heres Get Money :


She is articulate and her verses are written very well, she really delves into the topic of the song and gives you her argument, persuades you to her point of view. She is speaking truth, her rhymes are on point and it makes for great music.

Thats it for this instament of Whos Killing It? I will be back soon with another article, always searching to bring you the good stuff. Dont be afraid to navigate the website too for my music catalogue. Peace!


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