Steemit Rap Challenge Week 14 Entry

Its that time again, this week we were given 3 beat choices. Check Them Out Here.

I picked Nas-NY State of Mind, because its my favourite of the three, and I have heard it and rapped to it so many times that flowing on this beat will be easy. I didnt really know what to write about so I just packed metaphors and punchlines into the verse, just going wherever the rhymes took me, not with any specific topic in mind. Check it out :


Im not sure if this week is as good as my other weeks, theres a part in the middle after the impractical jokers line that the pace kind of falls off as Im switching rhyme schemes, but I may be wrong about it. I would like to hear your opinion on it, you can drop a comment below, or get me on twitter/facebook and let me know what you think, dont be afraid to share your opinion!

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