Willy G’s Who’s Killing It

I recently got a tonne of music, and amongst it all was Jarren Bentons ‘The Mink Coat Killa LP’. It was the first thing I listened to , and I really enjoyed the whole project. So for this reason, Jarren Benton is who I think is killing it right now.

I first heard of Benton from some of my hip hop friends, I was telling them how sick I was of listening to the same old hip hop day in day out , and if they could help me. One of them listed a few names, and one was Jarren Benton. So I looked up his stuff on You Tube and found this song, Razor Blades and Steak Knives:


Bentons style is similar to early Eminem music. I really enjoy the Dont give a Fuck attitude and the fun of the lyrics, there is too much serious shit these days its good to have a laugh.

Another guy who is certainly killing shit these days, and has been for years and years, is RA the Rugged Man. He is well known in the underground, labelled crazy by most for his hip hop shows full of naked strippers and shit, I am a big fan of his music. I first heard of him years ago, got a few of his songs and listened but never fully appreciated his style until I got a bit older. A friend of mine told me about him again and I looked up his stuff, and I was blown away by songs like Uncommon Valour and the Crazy Man Remix. Heres his latest joint, Freedom Form Flowing with Gift of Gab and A-F-R-O :


Lastly, is a well known, maybe the best known, Irish MC in the game, Rob Kelly. I have been listening to this guy for years, ever since I heard a freestyle he did on the Poppin Them Thangs beat, with a co sign from 50 Cent. He has definitely been killing it ever since, with songs such as Jack the Ripper and Banshee, he has done Fire in the Booth and Fire in the Streets with Charlie Sloth and continues to do the scene proud. Heres his latest tune, Supercat Dubplate:


His punchlines entertain big time, and his style is very laid back and witty, his music is just really enjoyable to listen to, and being from Ireland, I can relate.

Thats it for this instalment of Who’s Killing It, I will be back soon with another few musical influences of mine, I might do one on Female MCs in the game who are killing it, until then though I will keep searching for the best Hip Hop I can find, to bring it to you. Peace!

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