Gerard i2 in Masons Last Night

I was honoured to open the gig with some rhymes on the open mic last night, along with fellow MC Spud. I thoroughly enjoyed the show from start to finish. Shane Deane and the DizzFunktional BMC killed the mic with a set that had the place bouncing, especially when Feel the Funk came on!

i2 tore up the place with his usual style of ill flows, nice rhymes and spectacular beats! The new shit was very good too, with i2 almost suffering a heart attack after spitting the first verse of This is, so many syllables!

The turnout wasnt the best though, that was the only thing wrong with last night. We could have used a bigger crowd, but massive respect to everyone who did turn out for the show, I had the pleasure of meeting some new people which I enjoyed.

The open mic at the end was good craic too, with Spud showing a real improvement in his ability to rhyme in front of a crowd on stage, he really put on a good performance.

All in all, it was a great night for Irish Hip Hop, hearing the rhymes and the beats pumping out from a local pub is always good. Despite the lack of a big crowd, all the MCs brought their A game and made it a memorable night.

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